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Retail Store & Centre for Healing

Maintain Your Inner & Outer Beauty


What is Inner Light?

This centre is designed to heal your soul, enhance your connection to yourself and the universe around  you. Inner Light also offers a variety of certified facilitators for Reiki, Spiritual Advisors, Psychic Mediums, Monthly Healing Circles

Learn How to Channel Spirit!
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What's at the Store Next:

PINK Moon Ceremony- APRIL 23rd @  6:30pm!
To sign up, please TEXT 905-244-5106
with your name and guests attending. Seats are limited. First come, first serve.

Meet The Founder

PSYCHIC MEDIUM & Spiritual Practitioner   Cathy Chafe

Cathy is a well-established intuitive. She's grown her clientele to a global platform. She has been practicing her gift for over 10 years and has channeled thousands. Her 5.0 rating with those who have received a reading repeat their visits yearly. She's a very compassionate soul and her only focus is healing. Cathy's success has landed her on POD cast's predicting many professional sporting events, sold out shows, fundraisers, and corporate events! Her sense of humor and laugh are soul filled. Many describe her as being personable, relatable, and compassionate. Her clientele is global. Her reputation has lead her to opening a retail store and centre for one purpose, healing. Cathy's readings are to heal, connect, and validate. Spirit has been part of her life since a very young age. Her ability to connect with the universe and Spirit is unique and accurate. Cathy doesn't advertise. Her clientele has reached thousands by word of mouth. If you've received a session by Cathy, then you know what I'm referring to. Once you leave her presence, you need to tell someone about your experience...

 Cathy's 45 min. one on one reading is 163.00+ tx. Her readings are worth so much more, but she doesn't wish to create a financial setback for those who simply need healing. It's a reasonalbe fee to cover costs of the store, employee's, and overhead. She's a person who loves to love and ensure one's healing journey is maintained and supported by her sessions. Cathy also performs her gift within large venues. Her 3 shows at the Port Perry Town Hall Theatre were a huge success. These shows have allowed Cathy to grow her audience and demand. Currently Cathy is channeling aprox. 30+ people a week. She's doing her best to keep up with the demand so your booking isn't pushed out too far. At this time, she does not offer emergency readings. She also offers Intuitive Reiki. This is an hour session of calming sounds, infused light to heal and remove blocks. In your Reiki session, Cathy also channels your energy to relay any messages from Spirit or Spirit Guides. One of a kind service offered by Cathy. As of 2024, Cathy is offering courses on howto open your 3rd Eye. These are amazing classes that guide you to trusting the Universe and signs from the Spirit world.

Cathy's Personal Life...

Cathy is a mom of 2, Jesse & Sarah. The wife and best friend of Chris. Chris is the designer & Builder of Inner Light's Retail store with the help of Riley Vale (18), a very promising future construction company owner. This store was designed for healing and a center to find peace. When you walk in, you're greeted with the sound of water falling and the scent of calm. It sets the tone for serenity and relaxation. Enjoy your browsing within Inner Light Metaphysical and if we don't carry it, let us know...we'll be sure it's there when you visit again.To book a session with Cathy Chafe at Inner Light, Please click the Booking Tab


Cali from FB

Angela from FB

Brock Street Beauty Bar has won Top Choice Awards 2023's Top Beauty Spa award for the Durham Region


Inner Light Metaphysical & Divine Connections

@ Cathy Chafe

I attended her show in Port Perry and it was a great time. She does a good mix of emotional messages mixed with some lighthearted humour and it makes for a great show. We laughed and cried a lot. Thanks for the great night!

-Cali (fb)

@ Cathy Chafe

My daughter and I had a reading done by Cathy, and right out of the gate, we connected with the after life. It was incredible that Cathy was able to channel the words that could not be spoken, when they were still with us. I was in awe how she was able to put my mind at ease. The questions I had were finally answered.

I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who wishes to get more clarity with those that have passed on.

Get in Touch

30A Kent St. W, Lindsay ON   



MON - FRI   11AM- 4:30PM

SAT 11AM -  4PM



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